About Me

My passion for hair came at a very young age, with the goal to make every girl “pretty”.

At the age of 20, I got married and was whisked off to Arlington, Virginia where my husband received his first orders. When we arrived he was given deployment orders, this was the time for me to fulfill my dream job. I started my career training at Graham Webb Academy of Hair.

A few short months after finishing school, we received orders for Hawaii! This was also where I delivered my twin boys! Due to premature birth, I decided to stay at home with my little miracles, but I couldn’t stay away from hair. During our time in Hawaii, I had a very successful in home salon.

Now, my husband is out of the service and we are enjoying being back in Corona with our family and friends.

During my time away from the salon, I am volunteering in my kids’ classroom, enjoying family outings and having my husband home.

I look forward to meeting with you and beginning the start of a beautiful relationship.