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Hey Girl ! 


My passion came at quite an early age, with the dream to make all girls feel pretty. I love telling this story, its one of my favorites.

When I was little, I was diagnosed with cancer and after 6 months of chemo I was bald. So when I started school and had to make those “all about me posters” there were nothing but bald headed little Becca pictures. All of the kids made fun of me for looking like a boy. It really does something to a young girl’s self-confidence ya know? I knew as I got older that I never wanted anyone else to ever feel that way. There WAS a brief time I thought I would be a nurse like my mom, however that was short lived after I realized that blood and guts made me say eewwie, So there’s that. Fast forward to high school career day, it was in that moment, sitting at a desk listening to a stylist rave about her career. I wish I could remember her; I would love to thank her. 


My favorite part to following my dream, was the confirmation I had received. Basically that “you made the right call” whisper made by the universe. It was about ¾ of the way through cosmetology school. I was in the “senior” part of my education when we got to solely work on REAL PEOPLE. I had a client sit in my chair, nervous as can be. (Now at this point in my career 13 years later I know just about every one is nervous the first time with a new stylist) However this was a totally different nervous. She was nervous because this was brand new hair. This was post chemo, she survived cancer hair. It was then I knew I chose the right path. Which was insane to me because I had not even left school or gotten licensed yet!


Here I am, over a decade later and I am still just as passionate about hair. I love the science behind it and the true knowledge behind the magic in the chair. I have been told a time or two that I should hang up my apron and put a lab coat on when I am at work because I am full of knowledge about hair.

 That’s how my story started but so much more has made me not just the stylist I am but wife and Mom that I am. Originally from Corona, Ca , I have kept my roots short and have enjoyed traveling from Virginia to Hawaii back to California and then the great state of Texas as A military spouse. Now, my husband is out of the service, Virginia is our forever home. I know the struggles of balancing the work life and mom life oh so well.  Don’t get me wrong I also know the stay at home mom life and trying to find yourself outside of being mom and appreciating the little time to self pamper. The craving for some adult human interaction was something I LIVED FOR as a mom of twin boys . I will always do my best to give you the healthy balance of “girl time” and selfcare.


Since being back in Virginia, we have enjoyed our new surroundings and are always looking for new trails to go off roading, visiting DC and of course the hottest brunch spots. Who doesn’t love mimosas?

When the weather is not to my liking which is basically anytime its colder than 65 degrees, I spend my evenings watching crime shows and documentaries or listening to what ever crisis is going on with fortnite. Eye roll am I right?


If you're ready to come chat some more  and hang out with me in Studio 5, and Finally have the hair you always dreamt of, click here to make that possible.



I look forward to meeting you and beginning the  start of a beautiful Relationship  

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